The last Tax Clinic for the season is scheduled for April  9th, all from 6-9 pm. APPOINTMENTS ARE MANDATORY.  We will have volunteer Chartered Professional Accountants available to prepare personal tax returns for individuals in our community who need assistance in this area.  This is a FREE service, and appointments may be made by calling our office at 905.527.8605.  *APPOINTMENTS ARE MANDATORY* Please call 905-527-8605 to make an appointment.  YOU MUST SPEAK TO A LIVE AGENT TO SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT.

General qualifications (although appointments can be booked on a case-by-case basis):

- If you have no dependents living with you, gross household income of $35,000 or less.

- If you have dependents living with you, (5+) gross household income of $52,000 or less.

Volunteers do not prepare complex returns, such as returns for individuals who:

- Have Self-Employment income

- Have business or rental income and expenses

- Have capital gains or losses

- Have employment expenses

​- Have interest income greater than $1,000

- File for bankruptcy

- Are deceased within the year

What you need to bring to your appointment:

​1.   A tax return form (provided by our office)

2.   A copy of completed income tax return and notice of assessment from previous tax year

3.   Social Insurance Number for you and your spouse/common law partner

4.   List of dependents and birth dates (day, month, year), as well as Social Insurance Numbers for each dependent

5.   Details of spouse's income and and dependent income

6.   Date of marriage or separation, if within current tax year

7.   Details of any alimony and maintenance payments received or paid

8.   If a new immigrant, date of arrival in Canada

9.   If first time buyer, details of home purchase

10. If you sold a principal residence and have no capital gain because

you are eligible for the full exemption, the following information on the sale 

is required: the year of acquisition, the sale price or amount you received 

for the property and the description/address of the property.

11.  All receipts of income, for example:
          - Salary and wages T4

          - Statement of Pension, Retirement,

            Annuity and Other Income   T4A

          - Old Age Security   T4A (OAS)

          - Canada Pension Plan Benefits  T4A (P)

          - Employment Insurance Benefits  T4E

          - Registered Income Fund income  T4RIF

          - Registered Retirement Savings Plan

            income  T4RSP

​          - Interest and Dividend payments  T5

          - Statement of Interest trust  T3

          - Worker's Compensation/Social Assistance

            payments  T5007

          - Universal Childcare Benefit Statement  RC62

          - Working Income Tax Benefit Advance

            Payments Statement  RC210

          - All foreign income receipts/statements

          - US Social Security Statement (including

            the year you started collecting)

All receipts of expenses, for example:

         - Property taxes and/or details of total rent paid during

            the year and all addresses of places of residence during

            the year and name(s) of landlord

          - Child care expenses (plus caregiver's Social Insurance

            Number) - including form T778

          - Medical expenses

          - Charitable and political donations

          - Child fitness, arts and other qualifying activity receipts

          - Public transit passes and receipts, and electronic

            payment cards.

          - Union or professional dues

          - Tuition fees / education amount (T2202/T2202A)

          - Student loan interest

          - RRSP contributions

          - If this is the first year of claim, or if the previous one had

            expired, a copy of the disability certificate form T2201

          - For a senior (65 or older) or a non-senior living with a

            family member who is a senior, include receipts for

            permanent home modifications that improve

            accessibility or help the senior be more functional/    

            mobile (i.e. grab-bars installed in the shower).

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