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A Special Need: a new HVAC system!

It has come to our attention over the past year that our heating and cooling systems need to be replaced.  We have received a quote for a new system for $345,000, this is a HUGE expense for our charity.  The benefit of a new system is that it will reduce our energy consumption considerably!  We will be greener in many ways.  Our heating and cooling costs will decrease by 50% (the last 2 years hydro costs were $108,000).  We will also save on maintenance of this old system (over the past 2 years we had to spend $59,000).

Please consider supporting this project and help us lower our costs

so we can redirect that savings back into our programs!

We want to make a few changes to the way we communicate with you and the way you are able to donate. With the cost of stamps OVER $1 now we hope to minimize the cost by signing you up for our e-newsletter!

You can have your email added to the list by calling the office: 905-527-8605 and speaking with reception OR you can email