The Hamilton Dream Center Center

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​​​Empowering  Families & Individuals to Succeed  with Dignity  and  Purpose

 The Blue Door Pantry

Our food pantry remains a busy spot.  We are always grateful for financial and food donations to help keep the shelves stocked! Please note: the entrance is now through the Blue Door at the back of the building.


Volunteers help shape the backbone of the Dream Center

Would you like to join our fantastic team of volunteers?

If so, we have some jobs for you to do!

We need:

Handyman  person to help with odd jobs around the Dream Center.

People who would like to serve on our Banquet team! The Hope Gala is our biggest fundraising event of the year and we need your heart and desire to help us make it a success!

Call the office if you would like to participate!

Community Gardens  are HERE!

We’ve been dreaming about this for a loooong time! And the RIGHT people have come along and now it’s happening! A HUGE thank you to 

Blessings Christian Church   (amazing committed people),

Millgrove Garden Supplies (soil), 

Permacon (concrete block) and 

Ike Vanderwoude Landscape Supply Ltd   (delivery of things).

Being a small organization isn’t always ideal

but when people PARTNER with you

we get things done!!

Thank you!​​