Please Continue to Give!

Some of you may have seen the story on CH News but for those of you who missed it, The Hamilton Dream Center has a food shortage.  Summer has always been the time of year where food donations take a dip but we have also lost most of the grocery stores that once donated their reclaimed items to us.  Late last year the company who organized the food pick ups from groceries stores and connected us as a pick up recipient was sold to a new company.  This company suspended the pick ups indefinitely. Although we have had 1 or 2 stores resume their donations, many have not yet been cleared to do so. This caused an 80% decrease in our food donations!
We are blessed to have such an amazing and generous community who always steps up to the plate when we ask. Currently we are in search of churches, work places, grocery stores, banks etc who will be willing to host a food drive on our behalf. If you or anyone you know has any connections that would help us facilitate setting up these drives we want to hear from you!!

With the children back in school, we would like to help ensure that they have full tummies.

Currently the items in very short supply are:

*canned meat
*canned fruits and vegetables
*large juices and juice boxes
*baking supplies
*toiletries & household items: toothpaste,

       toilet paper, soap, cleansers

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All Things Garden Needed!

The Dream Center is on the brink of seeing a dream come true!  We are in the planning, gathering, building stages of a community garden on the property of the Dream Center. This garden will help us help our Blue Door Food Pantry clients with fresh, nutritional and delicious items to supplement the things that they shop for in our food pantry.  Please consider making  a donation towards the garden project to help us get all the things we need to make this a reality.  

A team of volunteers, from Blessings Christian Church,(that includes a landscaper) is helping us to get the garden started and we need you to help us see it come to reality.  

Introducing The Blue Door Pantry!

Our food bank has been renovated, thanks to countless hours put in by volunteers, staff and tradesmen. We are thrilled with the results!  Come by and check it out!  Please note: the entrance is now through the Blue Door at the back of the building.