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bowl a thon fun!

This year we told you that due to a change in one of our corporate sponsors store policy, we lost one of our major sources of toys for our Dreaming of Christmas campaign.  You responded swiftly and amazingly.  These pictures represent a few of the many people who stepped up to the plate and helped us bring joy to children this year!  We don't have pictures of everyone, but we are grateful for all of you!


Look how our garden grows.....


People paying it forward........

Dreaming of Christmas Campaign

Each year the Hamilton Dream Center is honoured to assist  close to 100 families with  brand new toys and Christmas dinner, including a turkey! Almost 300 people had Christmas dinner from the Dream Center and 813 toys went to very happy children!  The largest demographic of toys given was to the 11+ age group, with the 7-10 year olds next.   Over $11,000.00 worth of food and toys went out this year! 

We hope to expand that next year!!