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The Hamilton Dream Center is the proud recipient of a $500.00, unrestricted grant from Lights on Fund.

We are putting that towards our postage needs in 2019.  Thank you Lights on Fund for advocating the funding of things like hydro, toilet paper and postage stamps for the Non Profit community.

The Dream Center has some wonderful partnerships and this is one of them.  Soles4Souls came to us and wanted to help.  Quality and well-fitting shoes can often be out of reach for those living below the poverty level. 

On Wednesday, April 24, at least 50 people were properly measured and fitted with BRAND NEW shoes from the amazing team at Soles4Souls & BioPed.

There was a great buzz in the room as people were fit for a new pair of shoes. 

This is another way The Dream Center is working to expand services in order to meet the many needs in our community.