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​​​Empowering  Families & Individuals to Succeed  with Dignity  and  Purpose

 This past summer, The Blue Door Food Pantry, was the grateful recipient of a bounty of fresh produce.  This was a wonderful addition to the dry and canned goods

already offered to those in need

that use the food pantry.

We would like to say a HUGE, thank you to The Hamilton Victory Gardens for their generosity and hard work this summer!

​​​Instead of presents for her birthday party, Autumn asked for food and things for the Dream Center.

 Thank you for your generosity, Autumn!  

These beautiful girls also collected food for our food bank in lieu of gifts for a 5th birthday.  Thank you so much!


People paying it forward........

Dreaming of Christmas Campaign

Each year we sponsor close to 100 families with  brand new toys and Christmas dinner, including a turkey!

This picture represents some of the volunteers that come in to wrap all the presents for our families

so they are fully Christmas ready!


The Hamilton Dream Center Center

Station 19 of the Hamilton Fire Department were so fantastic in dropping off many food items to help fill the shelves

in the Blue Door Food Pantry.  

Many thanks to all those who gave food to Station 19 in their efforts to support the Hamilton Dream Center.