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Would you like to receive a Christmas Hamper?  

Our hamper giveaway date is December 22, 2017.

We will be aiding working poor families first,

so you must call our office at 905.527.8605 to register for your hamper.  

The Hamilton Dream Center Center

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Would you like to receive toys and gifts for your family? 

If you would like to receive toys for the children in your family, please call the office to register!  We will be aiding working-poor families first, so please call our office at 905.527.8605 and speak to Brenda, to register to shop.  We will also have gift wrapping available.  

Dreaming of Christmas

Once again we are helping families who are working, yet struggling to make ends meet, have a dreamy Christmas. This means you can help too! We aim to raise about $200 per family we help. This will provide them with toys for each child (parents or grandparents come to our “toy store” before Christmas to pick them out and PWC comes and wraps them) and they will get all the makings of a turkey dinner. 

Your donation over $10 is tax deductible. You, your work place, church or extended family can join together to help us help others this Christmas. 

Donations can be made at our office 627 Main st e or 905 527 8605 or through the website 

This event is ongoing until Christmas.

Christmas Programs