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​​​Empowering  Families & Individuals to Succeed  with Dignity  and  Purpose

​​​​​​​​Vintage Blueberry Pop-Up Shop!   

The Hamilton Dream Center has the latest in fashion thrift shops! 

Vintage Blueberry features a variety of fashion, children's clothes,

home décor, and even delectable treats for you to discover.

​See our Events page for dates!

There are so many great spring

and summer items in the store!!


We’ve been dreaming about this for a loooong time! And the RIGHT people have come along and now it’s happening! A HUGE thank you to 

Blessings Christian Church 
(amazing committed people), 
Millgrove Garden Supplies (soil), 
Permacon (concrete block) and 
Ike Vanderwoude Landscape Supply Ltd
 (delivery of things). 

Ace & Joy Clarke


Ace and Joy founded The Hamilton Dream Center food bank in Hamilton, ON because they wanted to give back. After having lived the lifestyle of outlaw motorcycle gang members they knew that they needed to become people who offered HOPE to a broken community.

Their passion for picking people up and setting them on a life changing path is evident each and every day as they help feed and clothe countless families each year.

Welcome to The Hamilton Dream Center

We met and helped a lot of people this year.  144 new clients - not having used our Pantry before. 1/3 of our clients are children and seniors. The need in Hamilton is great but so are our volunteers and donors!

In 2017, the total amount of finances donated was approximately $76,000.00 (some Christmas gifts are still being tallied.) - thank you Donors!  This year we gave away $298,625.00 worth of food, clothes, toiletries, toys and other items. This does not include the value of services provided such as income tax services filed for our clients.

This means that for every dollar you donated, we turned it into $3.93!!!

That's the best return on your investment you'll ever find.


Invest in the people of Hamilton today. This year, 2018. We will continue to make your money go as far as we can.

We will continue to be a light in a darkened place and help those who are in need.  Your new or gently used clothing and non perishable food items are always welcome.  Financial support is needed and will help us to continue the work.  Volunteer opportunities are available.

Rebekah Hill - Executive Director

The Hamilton Dream Center Center