It's hard to believe but back to school time is upon us.  Kids of all ages will head to the stores with their parents to shop for all the necessities to give them a good start at the new school year.  Many of the families in our community struggle with even the basics that we take for granted.  New clothes are often not an option and are considered a luxury.  

The Dream Center would like to fill in the gap and help our families by providing new back packs as well as basic school supplies and lunch snacks in order to give so many children living below the poverty level a chance to put their best feet forward for a new school year.

According to a report by Food Banks Canada, 323,931 people used food banks in Ontario in 2018.  Of that number 105,073 were children.  That number is staggering. Each week in the Blue Door Food Pantry, the number of people coming for the first time continues to grow and each day the store is filled with children.  Some stick close to their mother's sides and others run and play.  52% of the clients that came through the doors in July alone were children. The overriding message is that we need to help our children.

How can you help? By making a tax receipt eligible donation, you will help us provide brand new back packs, school supplies and lunch snacks to many children in  need.  In the alternative, you could make a donation of a brand new tag on back pack.

Together we can help the children in our community start the year of right!

At the Dream Center, it’s about the Community.

Helping to meet their need, and doing what we can

to make life a bit easier.


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